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How much does it cost to list an item?
All basic listings are FREE!  The only time there would be a charge is if you use our ‘featured listing’ service.

What is a featured listing?
A featured listing gives you maximum exposure for your ad and will help get your item noticed.  Your item(s) will be shown in the ‘featured listings’ at the top of the home page. listings.  Featured listings only cost $14.99 for 30 days.

Do I have to pay a commission to sell my items on The Hose Depot?
NO.  This is a FREE service to you as a distributor.  We are just providing a platform for you to list, buy and sell your slow moving and surplus inventory.

What happens if I sell my item(s) before the end of the 30 day listing period?
You are encouraged to remove your item(s) once sold to eliminate unwanted inquiries.  If we learn that your item(s) have been sold, we will remove from listing.  Your item will be automatically removed after 30 days.

Can I re-list my item(s) if they do not sell?
Yes, you can re-list your items as many times as you would like.  You will receive an email telling you that your listing has expired.  If you have a paid ad (featured listing) you will be able to re-list your item without re-entering all of the information.

Who pays for shipping charges?
Shipping charges should be arranged between buyer and seller.  The Hose Depot is not responsible for any shipping charges

Does The Hose Depot have any inventory?
No. The Hose Depot is strictly a website designed to bring buyers and sellers of industrial hose, fittings and accessories together in a single on-line location.

Where will my order ship from?
Items are shipped from various locations.  Contact the seller of the item you want to purchase for more information.

Can I get a refund for my listing fee if I sell my item(s) before the end of the 30 day listing period?
No.  Any charges for listings are to be paid in full and no refunds will be issued for earlier sales.

What if I don’t receive what I ordered?
It is the responsibility of the buyer and the seller to communicate about the products being bought and sold.  The Hose Depot is not responsible for transactions between buyers and sellers.

When will my order ship?
Shipping is arranged by the seller.  Please contact the seller of the item(s) you purchased to check order status.

How do I return an item that I no longer want?
You will need to contact the company where you originally ordered the product.

Can I add pictures to my listing?
Yes.  In fact, we suggest that you include a picture in your listing.  People like to see what they are buying.
You may upload multiple pictures per listing.  Maximum file size is 2mb per picture.  Supported file types are .jpg, .gif or .png
: you must include picture during initial listing process.  You will not be able to add pictures during the edit process

Do I have to have an account to create a listing?
Yes.  Only registered users will be able to list products.

Do I have to have an account to purchase listed items?
No.  Just simply contact the person/company that has listed the item you are interested in to complete the transaction.

Do I have to have an account to browse for listed items?
No.  Anyone can browse for items.

What is a Tag?
A tag is a keyword or term that allows your item to be found when someone is browsing or searching.  The Hose Depot allows you to either add your own tags when posting your item or it will auto-select for you based on your description.  Note:  the auto-tag feature does not recognize numbers.  You will need to input sizes, lengths, etc. if you want them to be searchable.

What information should I include in my listing?
You should be sure to include a complete description of the product you are listing.  Examples of what to include in your description:
Size, ID, OD, Color, Working Pressure, Cover Compound, Tube Compound, Length, Is it New or Used, Quantity Available, Special Markings, Branding, Applications, Manufacturer, Type of Reinforcement, Material, etc.

Visitors are able to search for your product by keyword.  Including as many keywords as you can will increase the chances of your item being found.

How do I contact the Poster if I am intersted in their posted item?
Simply click on the ‘Contact’ tab to the right of the listing, fill in the appropriate information and send your request. 

Can I advertise my business on this website?
YES!  If you are interested in advertising your business with TheHoseDepot.com, simply contact us at info@thehosedepot.com and we will send you the necessary information.