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Do not just ask a good opinion to the customer. Ask for opinions in the form of criticism and suggestions to build. Bring out that imperfection to be a product and service improvement for the perfection of your website and business. Do not be silent and satisfied with your circumstances. Keep regular evaluations between you and the team. It could be between you and the community. Chat and discuss to find solutions for the perfection of your website and business.

Keep advertising both online and offline directing traffic to your website. Business experts say, one-third of the company's finances must run out for advertising. A growing trend today is doing business with marketing patterns across various channels. Whether it's a marketplace channel, social media, and through its own website. We provide web hosting here Best Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. Whatever the case, do not turn off your website because it remains the web as identity and business profile.

Keep in mind the above so that the portion of turnover through your website so the bigger. We receive emails from Domain Services. Once researched, the email address varies but uses the same sender name ie DOMAIN SERVICES. The identity of the owner of the sender's IP server is majority from China. Some from Hongkong and USA. We could potentially receive the email because we are the owner of that domain name. The regular owner is called the Registrant. Written in domain name ownership data (WHOIS).

Therefore, all domain owners whose identities are not protected by WHOIS PROTECTION ID will potentially get the scam email. Be careful, ok. In the email, the sender has to click on the link SECURE ONLINE PAYMENT. Visible website that displays the price of domain name renewal and written key CREDIT CARD. The button will bring to the view page of the website containing the columns of payment information. This is where the FRAUD is. The sender of the email will get your credit card data. If filled, your credit card is broken.

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